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Slido for people with disabilities

We try our best to give voice to everyone, including people with visual, mobility and other disabilities. If your audience needs help with accessibility, please take a look at the ideas below.

⭐ Although it is possible to use Slido while having various accessibility needs, we don't have any official certification for this at the moment.

In this article:

Using Slido with assistive technologies

It is possible to use Slido with screen readers if you're using an Apple product or Google Chrome:

Using Slido with a keyboard

The primary functionalities of Slido, such as entering events, asking questions or voting in polls, are accessible while using it on a desktop computer or laptop. You can navigate via keyboard shortcuts, using Tab, Space, Enter and arrow keys or numbers.

  • Tab - moving onto the next interactive element
  • Shift+Tab - moving onto the previous interactive element
  • Space or Enter - activating the currently selected interactive element
  • Arrow keys or numbers - where appropriate (such as in polls)


We recommend reading the two following blogs from AbilityNet, discussing events, accessibility and Slido.