Use Slido with PowerPoint beta

You can bring live polls and questions directly to your PowerPoint presentation by downloading an app from our website.

💡 Available in Teacher, Department and Institution plans. 
This integration currently works on Windows 10 only and as it's a beta version, it has some limitations.

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Download and launch Slido for PowerPoint

  1. Download the app
  2. Open the zip file and extract all files to a folder on your computer (select and extract all)
  3. Go to the folder with the files and double click the green Slido app to start it
  4. The app will appear in the bottom right corner


Add live polls, quizzes, and Q&A to your presentation

Now open your PowerPoint presentation and you'll see a Slido badge appear in the corner of your screen. Click on it and log in with your Slido account.

To add a live poll, select it from the menu, type your questions and add options. You can also add your Q&A slide that will display the top questions live on the screen.


After you save your poll question, you can set your results to appear on click, immediately or hide them completely from your audience.

Start presenting

Once you've finished your slides and you're ready to go, start presenting by clicking "Present with Slido" or by any other button that you're used to in PowerPoint. The screen with the results will appear automatically once you get to the right slide and your audience will be able to vote in real-time.

⭐ If you're using Multiple rooms within your event, there can be only one room linked to your presentation.


Ask your audience to join

Ask your audience to join by going to and entering your code on their mobile device or via desktop. They will be able to vote in polls and participate in the Q&A.


To test your presentation with Slido for your remote session, take a look at this article


Useful tips

  • Slido for PowerPoint works on Windows 10 only.
  • Any computer you're presenting from needs to also run this app.
  • Make sure you're logged in to Slido via the Powerpoint sidebar before presenting.
  • Use your keyboard or a clicker to move to the next slide.

Slido for PowerPoint Beta is still in development. Read more about its current limitations.

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