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Integrate live video with Slido event

When you run a meeting or a conference with people joining remotely, Slido allows you to make them part of the conversation. Many video services (such as Vimeo or YouTube) provide an iframe link that can be easily embedded into your event. 

Remote participants simply enter your Slido event (via event #) and display both live video and polls/questions. 

💡 Available for our Pro, Corporate, Premium, Enterprise, Teacher, Department, and Institution events. 


Turn on the live video integration in Slido

To integrate live video into Slido: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Integrations
  3. Toggle on Live video
  4. Enter your video link

🚀Any video with HTTPS embed code can be embedded to Slido 


Get your video embed link


  1. Go to livestream.com
  2. Find your video, select Share, then Embed
  3. Copy and paste the code to Slido

Livestream example

Facebook Live

  1. Go to facebook.com
  2. Find your video, click on the dropdown menu, then select Embed
  3. Copy the link and paste it into Slido

Facebook example



  1. Go to youtube.com
  2. Locate your video, select Share, then Embed
  3. Copy and paste the code to Slido

YouTube example


Standard iframe requirements:

To integrate live video with Slido, use the iframe code to embed the video.

Here's what it can look like: 

 <iframe src="https://app.sli.do/event/hash" frameborder="0" height="100%" width="100%"></iframe>

And here are some basic requirements for the link to work well:
  • link must contain only iframe tag, e.g. <iframe src="https://page.com"> </iframe>
  • any kind of <script> tag has to be removed
  • make sure your link starts with https://
💡No domain is restricted. Using `<iframe src="https://allhands.meeting"></iframe>` automatically works

This is how it works for your participants:

On smaller screens (such as smartphones):


On bigger screens (such as laptops):

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