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Getting started

How do the participants join my event
No need to download any apps. Slido works in your browser. To join the Slido ev... more
How do I create my own account?
* Go to Slido.com * Click Sign up * Create your account ** ** ... more
How do I create a new event?
* Go to Slido.com * Log in to Admin * Click Create a new event Note: S... more
What is Dashboard?
Slido Dashboard allows you to manage questions and polls from one place. You can... more
How do I introduce Slido to the audience?
Introducing Slido is very important for getting your attendees on board and havi... more
How do I collect feedback after the event?
Collecting feedback once the Slido event is over can help you get useful insight... more
How do I test Slido before my event?
Before your conference or a meeting starts, we recommend sending a few testing q... more
How do I handle different views in Slido?
⭐️ Be sure to check out Switcher (https://help.sli.do/743102-How-do-I-set-up-Sli... more
Onsite Checklist for Event Organizers
**Technical Essentials** ------------------------- **Setting up the Slido ... more
The Three Essential Tips for Using Slido
Here are three essential tips on how to display Slido on the screen and effectiv... more
Tips for Moderators: How to Use Slido at the Event
In this article, we curated 6 essential tips to help you as a moderator maximize... more
7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Slido at Your Event
This is a very exciting moment for both of us. You're about to use Slido at your... more
The complete rollout plan for your external event
We’re excited that you decided to use Slido at your event! If implemented well, ... more
How do I invite people to Slido before my meeting? [Invite Template]
Along with sending the meeting invitation, it's a great practice to let people k... more
How do I set up and run Slido at my company meetings and training sessions
When used well, Slido can make your corporate meetings or training sessions more... more