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Getting started

What is an event code?
An event code (#) is an automatically generated group of letters or numbers, a p... more
How do the participants join my event
No need to download any apps. Slido works in your browser. To join the Slido ev... more
How do I create a new event?
In My events, click Create a new event and type in the name. Once you hit enter,... more
How do I handle different views in Slido?
⭐️ Be sure to check out Switcher (https://help.sli.do/743102-How-do-I-set-up-Sli... more
How do I test Slido before my event?
Before your conference or a meeting starts, we recommend sending a few testing q... more
How do I introduce Slido to the audience?
Introducing Slido is very important for getting your attendees on board and havi... more
How do I collect feedback after the event?
Collecting feedback once the Slido event is over can help you get useful insight... more
Onsite Checklist for Event Organizers
**Technical Essentials** ------------------------- **Setting up the Slido ... more
How do I create my own account?
- Go to Slido.com - Click Sign up - Type in your name, email address and pas... more