Setting Up

How do I create a Slido event?
After logging in, you will be shown your events page. Click Create a new event a... more
How do I set my event dates?
Attendees are able to join Slido and participate during the time between the sta... more
How do I personalize my event code?
Events you create are automatically assigned an event code. Even though it is un... more
How do I personalize my event?
As humans, we like to do things our way and we understand that. Therefore, Slido... more
How do I set the language for my event?
The language you select will appear in Present view and on the participants' dev... more
How do I test Slido before my event?
Before your conference or meeting starts, we recommend testing Slido. During you... more
How do I add logos to my event?
⭐Available for our Pro, Premium, Corporate, Enterprise, Department and Instituti... more
How do I share a link to my event?
Using the event link, you can easily share your Slido event with your participan... more
How do I collect feedback after the event?
Collecting feedback once your Slido meeting or event is over can help you get us... more
How do I change the Present view theme?
You can easily personalize the Slido Present view and match it with your event's... more
How do I set up multiple rooms in my event?
The Multiple rooms feature allows you to use Slido at multiple sessions at the s... more
Internet connection requirements
Internet speeds In order to use Slido at your event, a stable internet conne... more
Onsite Checklist for Event Organizers
Technical Essentials Setting up Slido Present view If you have a dedicated... more