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Polls and Surveys

How do I create a poll? Explore Open text, Multiple choice and Rating polls
Multiple choice Poll the audience with the multiple choice type to learn more ... more
How do I activate the poll?
Activate the poll Once the poll is created, you can display it on the presenta... more
Edit your poll question
In the Polls tab, find your poll question and click the options icon to edit it. more
How do I activate multiple polls at the same time?
Here's how you can activate more polls at the same time and allow the participan... more
How do I create a survey?
💡Survey feature is available for our Pro and Corporate plans or higher Survey p... more
How do I organize polls into sessions?
If you're running multiple polls at your event or a meeting, there's a simple wa... more
How do I hide the poll results?
When running live polls, there are moments when you'll need to hide the results ... more
How do I lock the voting?
When you want to end the poll, you can simply lock the voting. Attendees will se... more
How do I moderate responses for the open text poll?
Available for all our plans including the free Basic version Using the polls mo... more
How do I hide the vote count during live polls?
You can hide the vote count that appears during live polls on the Present view. ... more
How do I reset poll results?
In case you want to reset the test poll back to zero or activate the same poll t... more
How do I duplicate my poll question?
- Hover on your poll question - Click the Options icon - Select Duplicate ... more
How do I delete my poll?
- Go to Polls - Hover over the poll question - Click the Options icon - Se... more
How do I view the poll results?
To have a quick look at the poll results, follow these steps. - Click All r... more
What is a word cloud?
Word cloud allows you to identify the most frequently used words sent via an ope... more
How do I allow attendees submit multiple options?
When creating a Multiple choice poll question (https://help.sli.do/283742-How-to... more
How do participants add their own answers in Polls?
When you want to give your participants the option to add their own response to ... more