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Polls and Surveys

Create a poll
Polls are a great way of collecting input from your audience. Take a look at our... more
Activate polls
Once you create a poll or survey, you can let your attendees cast their votes by... more
Edit a poll
- Find the poll you wish to edit - Open its settings using the three dots menu... more
Activate multiple polls at the same time
Sometimes, it's great to activate more polls at the same time. There are two way... more
Create a survey
Surveys allow you to ask multiple poll questions at the same time. With surveys,... more
Organize polls into sessions
If you're running multiple polls at your event or a meeting, there's a simple wa... more
Hide the poll results
When running live polls, there are moments when you need to hide the results fro... more
Lock the voting in live polls
When you want to end the poll, you can simply lock the voting. Attendees still s... more
Show the correct answer in a poll
Whether you aim to test the knowledge of your audience or simply want to engage ... more
Moderate responses for the open text poll
💡Available for all our plans including the free Basic version Using the polls m... more
Hide the vote count during live polls
You can hide the vote count that appears during live polls on the Present mode. ... more
Reset poll results
In case you want to reset the test poll back to zero or activate the same poll t... more
Duplicate your polls
Sometimes you might want to ask the same poll question more than once or in more... more
Delete a poll
- Go to Polls - Hover over the poll question - Click the Options icon - Se... more
Show the Poll results
How to show the results of your poll? You can have a quick look at the poll resu... more
Fix the order of multiple poll options
Normally, the results of multiple choice polls are listed according to the numbe... more
What is a word cloud?
Word cloud allows you to identify the most frequently used words sent via an ope... more
Allow your attendees to submit multiple options
You can allow your audience to pick several options when voting on a multiple-ch... more
Let your participants add their own answers in polls
When you want to give your participants the option to add their own response to ... more
Display poll results in number of votes
Would you like to see how many people voted for each option in your multiple cho... more
Use Poll templates
Polls are a great way of engaging your audience. If you need any help with creat... more