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What is Polls feature?
Audiences can be engaged with the real-time Polls during the live or online even... more
How do I create a poll?
Creating a new poll with Slido is very easy. You can do in less than 30 seconds.... more
What is a survey poll?
Survey polls allow you to group multiple poll questions, even with a different p... more
How do I activate the poll?
Activate the poll Once the poll is created, you can display it on the presentati... more
How do I lock the voting?
When the polling round is over, you can lock the voting. Attendees will no longe... more
How do I reset poll results?
In case you want to activate the same poll twice, you do not need to create a on... more
How do I export poll results?
Once the polling is closed and deactivated, you can export the results into the ... more
How do I duplicate the poll question?
**Duplicate a poll question** This is how you duplicate a poll question. ... more
How do I delete the poll question?
This is how you delete the poll question from your list. * Go to Polls ... more
How do I view the poll results?
* Go to Polls * Click All results * Select your poll question * Navigate l... more
What is a word cloud?
Word cloud allows you to create a word "heat map" out of the responses collected... more
How do I activate multiple polls at the same time?
By default, you can activate and display one poll question at a time. Use survey... more
How do I allow attendees submit multiple options?
Multiple choice poll When creating a Multiple choice poll question (https://help... more
How do I use one device for multiple participants?
Using Slido in smaller groups or meetings could mean your attendees do not neces... more