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How do I create a survey?

💡Survey feature is available for our Pro and Corporate plans or higher

Survey polls allow you to ask multiple poll questions at the same time. With surveys, you can group several poll questions, even of a different type, into one poll. It's also a great way to ask for the feedback. 


Step 1: Create your survey

  1. Go to Polls
  2. Click Create a poll and type in your first question
  3. Click Create a survey and add a new question


💡Quick Tip: Drag and drop the poll questions in the survey to change their order


Step 2: Activate it

To activate your survey poll, click the play icon next to it. Once you do that, the survey will show all questions on the participant devices but you'll be able to display only one poll question at a time in Present view.

Step 3: Display the results

Now, to display the results, unfold the individual poll questions and click the arrow icon for each one to display its results in Present view.

💡Quick Tip: You can display only one poll at a time in Present view

You can share an event link to your event after your presentation or meeting is over to collect feedback. 


How does it work for the attendees?

Attendees can see and vote for all your poll questions at once. Results will remain hidden on their devices and they'll be able to see them only in Present view.