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Customize Present mode colors

You can pick the Present mode theme from the gallery or set your own colors and background image to follow your company’s brand guidelines or event styling.

💡 Gallery themes are available in all our plans. 
Custom colors and background image can be set for Pro, Premium, Corporate, Enterprise, Teacher, Department, and Institution plans. 

In this article:

Choose the theme from Gallery

Set up a night sky for your evening meetup or a New York City view for your team meeting in the 'Big Apple'.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Select Customization
  3. Go to Present mode
  4. Select a Theme


Gallery themes overview:

Presentation of different Present view themes

⭐ The theme and color changes are reflected only in Present mode.


Add custom colors and background image

Use a color code or simply pick a color from the palette:

  1. In Customization, select Custom
  2. Enter your colors
  3. Upload your own image if preferred
  4. Preview the changes

💡 When choosing colors, you can use the arrows to switch between HEX, RGB and HSL types of color code. 

Once you added the background image, adjust the text color for the best visibility. 


Here's the final look: 


Useful tips: 

  • 🚀 Participant mode customization on demand
    If your plan is Pro, Corporate, Department or higher and you also wish to customize Participant mode colors, let us know at support@slido.com and we will enable it for you!


We'd love to hear your feedback!

In case you have any suggestions or feedback on how to even better customize Slido, please send us an email at support@slido.com. We read every single feedback!

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