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Event settings

How do I access event settings?
* Go to My Events * Select your event * Click on Settings in the top right c... more
What is an event code?
An event code or event hash is a group of letters or numbers, a phrase or a comb... more
How do I change the event code?
You can customize your event by changing the event code. This is how you can ch... more
How do I change the event dates?
Attendees are be able to join Slido and participate within the start date and th... more
How do I change the language for my event?
The language you select will appear on the Present view and on the participants’... more
How do I share the permanent link to my event?
WIth the event permanent link, the attendees can easily access your event before... more
How do I duplicate my event?
Your events can be duplicated. All information such as multiple rooms, created p... more
How do I use Multiple rooms feature?
Multiple rooms feature allows you to use Slido at multiple sessions at the same ... more
How do I change my event's privacy?
You can manage the event and data privacy in Slido settings. Follow these 3 step... more
What is public event?
Public events are visible in the search results and can be accessed by typing in... more
What is hidden event?
Hidden events won't appear in the search results. Only those participants who ha... more
What is private event?
The private event will not appear in the search results. Only participants who t... more
How to use single sign-on to control who can access the events?
With an annual Enterprise licence or the EDU Institution licence, you are able t... more
How do I delete an event?
* Go to My events * Click the Options icon * Select Delete **Past... more
How do I disable features?
Some organizers decide to use Slido only to poll their audience or crowdsource t... more