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Event settings

How do I access event settings?
* Go to My Events * Select your event * Click on Settings in the top right c... more
What is an event code?
An event code or event hash is a group of letters or numbers, a phrase or a comb... more
How do I change the event code?
You can customize your event by changing the event code. This is how you can ch... more
How do I change the event dates?
You can set or change the dates of your Slido event. It will be active and acces... more
How do I change the language for my event?
Slido is currently available in 14 languages. * English * Cz... more
How do I share the permanent link to my event?
WIth the event permanent link, the attendees can easily access your event before... more
How do I duplicate my event?
Your events can be duplicated. All information such as multiple rooms, created p... more
How do I delete an event?
* Go to My events * Click the Options icon * Select Delete **Past... more
How do I use Multiple rooms feature?
Multiple rooms feature allows you to use Slido at multiple sessions at the same ... more
How do I disable features?
You can disable the features individually from the settings menu. Follow these 3... more