Running AMA session in Slack

Using the Slido integration for Slack, you can run an AMA (AMA stands for ‘ask me anything’) session with your team by collecting their most important questions in a dedicated Slack channel.

💡Do you need to add and authorize Slido app first? Start here

Invite @slido to your dedicated AMA channel

Before, you start collecting questions from your team, make sure you invite @slido app into your ama channel or any other channel which you use for collecting the team questions.

Invite Slido to your channel example


Start your AMA session by collecting questions

Type /slido, click ‘Run AMA’ button and choose the duration of your AMA session. Once your AMA event is created, your team can use the ‘Ask Question’ button to submit their questions, also anonymously.

Collect questions in Slack example

Keep on top of the most popular questions with daily updates

Slido Slack app will send you a daily overview of the most popular questions. You can start replying to the questions or send a reminder to the team if necessary straight from Slack.

Daily updates from integration example

Send replies to the top-voted questions in the AMA summary

On the last day of your AMA, you will receive a final overview of the top-voted questions. Once you’re done replying to the questions, hit ‘Send Summary’ and post replies to your chosen Slack channel for your team to read.

Sending replies via Slack example

🚀Use /slido manage to manage incoming questions in a private channel and collaborate with others.

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