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How do I introduce Slido to the audience?

Introducing Slido is critical for getting your attendees onboard and having them use the tool during the event. Follow these 3 simple steps for a successful adoption of Slido:

  1. Share Wi-Fi login details to make sure that everyone is connected to the internet.
  2. Navigate people to Slido.com and ask them to enter your #eventcode to join the event.
  3. Run a warm-up poll to give people a reason to join right from the start. It’s a great way to help people get familiar with Slido and use it for the rest of the event.


When giving instructions, you can get inspired by this video or the following script: 

 "At this event, we want to make sure we address your most burning questions. Therefore, we'll be using a simple audience interaction platform called Slido. Slido allows you to submit your questions as well as upvote the questions of other participants. Questions with the highest number of votes will stand a better chance to get answered by speakers.

Throughout the event, you will also be able to express your opinion by voting on live polls.

It’s really easy to join.

1. Please take out your smartphones and connect to the WiFi
2. Open the web browser
3. Go to www.slido.com and enter the event code, which is [your #eventcode]"

(Optional) We also prepared a warm up poll for you to help you get familiar with the tool as well as to find out...


Why did you decide to join this event today?
1. Knowledge building
2. Networking opportunities
3. Speaker Line up
4. My boss made me