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How do I introduce Slido to the audience?

Introduce Slido

Share Wi-Fi login details

First, share Wi-Fi login details to make sure that everyone is connected to the internet. Navigate people to Slido.com and ask them to enter your #eventcode to join the event. No need to download any apps as Slido is web-based.

Run a warm-up poll

Then, run a warm-up poll to give people a reason to join right from the start. It’s a great way to help people get familiar with Slido and use it for the rest of the event.

Use submitted questions

Finally, acknowledge and ask at least a few of the top questions. People will feel motivated and start sending more questions to the tool.



Seed some questions during the session

Seed some of the questions that you prepared for the session in order to stir up the conversation as well as to let people decide which topics they’re most interested to discuss.

Give the audience time to reflect

People are in a listening mode when you ask them to submit their questions. Give them up to 1 minute to reflect on the key learnings before they send their questions. 

Display the Present view

Display the Present view on the projection screen during the Q&A session so participants can get more engaged and energized.