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Event dates explained

When setting your dates, make sure they match the dates of your actual event so the participants can easily join it and send their questions and ideas or vote in polls.

You can set everything up in advance, test it and have access to your data anytime. 

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Selecting the dates

For one-time plans (Basic, Private, Pro, and Premium), the maximum length between your start date and end date is 7 days. If you're using the annual license (Internal, Corporate, Enterprise), your events can last up to 12 months.

To set up event dates: 
  1. In your event, go to Settings
  2. Stay in General - Basic information
  3. Select the start and end date

💡 Event dates are the timeframe during which participants can join the event using your unique event code.


Setting up and testing in advance

As an admin, you are able to access your event and work with it at any time. Feel free to set everything up before the actual event takes place, test it out, and access the data whenever you need it once the event is over!

Here are a couple of resources to help you out with it:


Activation of your event

Your event will be accessible via the event code during the dates you set up in Settings. There's no need to worry about the activation of your event while you're testing.

🚀 Example 
If you're planning an event which takes place on 26 - 30 September, you can purchase a one-time event (Private, Pro, Premium) anytime before 26 September and set up the dates to match your actual event. Your 7 days will activate on 26 September, which is the day you set up as a start date. 

🚀 Share the direct link to the event with your participants if you need to crowdsource questions
beforehand or collect feedback after the event is over. 


Closing your event

The event officially closes at midnight on the end date which you set up. However, as we understand your remote participants might engage with the event from outside your timezone, a buffer makes every event accessible for another 24 hours.

If you wish to close the event instantly, choose one of the following options:

  1. Disabling all active features, or
  2. Closing questions for new submissions and deactivating your polls. 


Data availability

You have access to your event and data associated with it anytime unless you delete your event.

Check your statistics in the Analytics section and export your questions and poll results at any moment before, during and after the event. Your stats never expire. 

💡 Data exports are available in all paid plans. 


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