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Internet connection requirements

Internet speeds

In order to use Slido at your event, a stable internet connection is required.

  • We recommend a speed of 5 to 10 mbits/s per 100 participants to ensure a smooth and fast experience
  • At large venues, it's a good practice to set up multiple access points to make sure people are connected at all times

Connecting up Slido devices & backups

The Wi-Fi connection at the venue is sufficient for most cases. Always have a backup plan to make sure you'll stay connected.

  • We recommend a LAN cable plugged into the presenter laptop to ensure a stable and uninterrupted connection
  • Stable connection for devices that you'll use to administer Slido on the day
  • Carry a smartphone with an active 3G or LTE data plan to quickly set up a Wi-Fi hotspot as a backup

Testing before showtime

We recommend a couple of simple checks before the show starts.

  • Send a few questions and votes to Slido to test if the experience is fast and everything runs smoothly
  • Continuously check if all Slido devices are connected to the network
You can check the quality of your connection at checkme.sli.do. If you need further advice, share it at support@slido.com.

Questions you can ask the venue about their internet connection

✔️ How much bandwidth is available to our group?
✔️ Is there a dedicated technician on-site at our event?
✔️ What do we do if there are problems with the Wi-Fi?
✔️ Are the upload and download speeds fixed? What are they?
✔️ Can you cap the bandwidth used by an individual device? For example 1 MB per user.
✔️ Can you share details about our usage after the event?

  • Number of people logged in at hourly intervals throughout the event
  • Amount of bandwidth used at hourly intervals throughout the event

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