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How do I manage Slido questions and ideas from Slack?

Using the Slido integration for Slack, you can manage all incoming questions and ideas in a private channel. Also, you can invite your colleagues to help you approve and discuss them in threads.

💡Do you need to add and authorize Slido app first? Start here

Set up a private channel

Create a private channel and invite Slido app to join.

Invite Slido app to channel video tutorial

💡To manage questions, you need to use a private channel. Public channels don't work.

Select your event

To start receiving new questions and ideas in your dedicated private channel, simply select your event from the list.

Select your event video tutorial

💡To choose a different Slido event, type /slido manage

Enable moderation to approve questions

Go to slido.com, log in to Admin and enable moderation so once the questions start flowing into your private channel, you can easily approve or dismiss them.

Work with questions video tutorial

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