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How do I share access to my event?

💡Available in Pro, Premium, Corporate, Enterprise, Department, and Institution plans

If you’re organizing an event with multiple rooms or you’re expecting a bigger audience, you might need an additional administrator to help you approve questions or activate polls. 

Also, if you have an active subscription and more users added as members of your organization, you can select them from the list of suggested admins when adding them.


Invite guests to your event

  1. Open Settings and select Share access
  2. Type in the email address of the person you'd like to add
  3. Select invite to send the email invitation

Guests cannot be added to more events at the same time within the same organization


Manage guests

You can resend the invite or remove the guest admin anytime.

  1. In Settings go to Share access
  2. Click the three vertical dots next to the added admin
  3. Select Revoke access/Resend invite

💡Guest are not able to access event settings

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