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Change the order of Audience Q&A

You can sort audience questions according to their popularity, chronological order, or the importance you give them. The options vary depending on where the Q&A's are displayed. 

As a Slido admin, you can set up the order of audience questions in:

  • Present mode - for everyone to see on the screen: popular, recent, oldest, starred
  • Admin mode - in your admin interface: top, oldest, recent, label, starred
  • Participant mode - on participants' devices: recent, popular


Change the order of audience questions in Present mode

To change how the questions are ordered and displayed on Present mode, simply open Present mode from your admin, click on Top questions and select one of the options. You can display it while sharing your screen during online meetings or project it on a big screen for in-person events.

To open Present Mode from your admin:

  1. Go to your Slido event
  2. Hover over a green "Present mode" button at the top-right corner
  3. Click "Present in fullscreen"


Change the order of audience questions in Admin mode

In the admin mode, you can filter questions for a specific speaker, on a specific topic or see which questions came first. To do so, go to Audience Q&A, click Filter, and select the one you need. It helps you organize your questions during the Q&A.

The sorting affects only your admin mode unless you're filtering by Labels. With labels, you can filter specific questions in your admin and display them in Present mode as well.


Change the order of audience questions in Participant mode

By default, the questions on participants' devices are sorted by the most upvoted ones. You can change the setting to "Recent" in Event Settings - Slido Labs Beta and enable the option "Recent questions by default":

💡 "Oldest" and "Starred" filters are only available for Admin and Present modes.

After joining the event from their smartphone, tablet, or computer, your participants will then see the questions in chronological order with the newest questions on the top.

This is what it looks like on a computer screen:


And on a smartphone: 


Regardless of the default setting, the participants can switch between popular and recent questions anytime.


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