Export your data

Once your event is over and you wish to work with the information you collected, the easiest way to do this is to export your data.

⭐ Exports are available with all our paid plans.

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Export Questions

You can export Slido Questions into an Excel spreadsheet file.

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Click Export
  3. Select Questions

This automatically generates a file with questions - it includes timestamps, names (if provided) and the number of upvotes.

This is what an export file looks like:

An example of an Excel export file

Export Ideas

You can export Slido Ideas into an Excel spreadsheet file.

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Click Export
  3. Select Ideas

Export Poll results

You can export your poll results into PDF or Excel spreadsheet files.

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Click Export
  3. Select Poll results to see overall results or Poll results per user to see how each of the participants voted


Export of overall results:

This export simply shows the results of all your polls and surveys. Here are some examples of what it looks like:




Export of results per user:

Exports per user allow you to match the answers or votes with respective participants. Each of them has a unique User ID that you can track.

If you set your event to Private, you can also enable the Require name option to spot your participants directly. This can be especially useful when you're using polls with correct answers.

Here's an example of the export file when participants filled in their names:


You can see how your participants voted in individual polls by clicking the sheets named by the room number.

Example of Poll results per user export with multiple rooms

Export your data using Google Sheets

If you prefer, instead of downloading a .PDF or .XLS file, you can simply stay online using Google Sheets - simply choose Export to Google when exporting your data. This will create a new spreadsheet under your Google account with the respective data.

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