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How do I embed Slido into my presentation?

Slido's Present view can be embedded into your slides to make poll results and live questions visible directly in your PowerPoint presentation.

The setup is really easy, so here's what you're going to do.


Compatibility check

First, make sure your version is one of these:

  • PowerPoint 2013 for Windows (and later)
  • PowerPoint 2016 for Mac
  • PowerPoint for iPad
  • PowerPoint online (Office365)


Install Web Viewer

Then, install the add-in from the Office Store. This is where you'll find it.

  1. Open a PowerPoint slide
  2. Select Insert from the menu
  3. Click Add-ins
  4. Search for Web Viewer and install



URL to your Slido wall

Now, once you've installed the Web Viewer, find the URL to your wall and copy it. This link will make sure Slido will be displayed correctly. This is where you'll find it.

  1. Log in to Slido.com
  2. Hover over your event in My events
  3. Click the wall icon
  4. Copy the URL without https://


Use the URL in PowerPoint

Finally, go back to your slide and paste the link in the Web Viewer in PowerPoint.

Select Preview to display the presentation wall and resize it as you prefer.


Note: Remember you still need to moderate questions and activate polls from the Admin view. This is only the presentation wall displayed for your audience.