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How do I set up Slido with my presentation using the Switcher?

Switcher is a Slido designed desktop app that allows you to intelligently toggle between your slides and interactive Q&A with live polls.

Switcher allows you to seamlessly integrate Slido as an organic part of your presentation.


Download and install

  1. Download the Switcher
  2. Run the installation on your laptop
  3. Launch the application


Setting up the Switcher

  1. Log in with your Slido account
  2. Select or create your event
  3. Minimize it and let it run in the background
Remember to connect your PC or a Mac to the projector.



Start your slideshow

  1. Open your PowerPoint, Keynote or a PDF presentation
  2. Start your slideshow on fullscreen
  3. Slides will appear automatically on the screen


Activate polls and display questions

Use your secondary device to display incoming questions or show live polls.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Log in to your Slido account
  3. Moderate questions or activate polls



You can activate polls at any time during the presentation and ask your audience to cast votes. Once you deactivate the poll, you will return back to your slides exactly where you left off.


If you want to take audience questions, you can simply display them on your presentation screen using a keyboard shortcut. Use the same combination to return to your slides or polls and continue where you left off.

Win + Alt + S for PC or Cmd + Alt + S for Mac



Incoming audience questions can be then moderated and reviewed before they appear live on the presentation screen. This is how you manage incoming questions.