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Technical setup

How do I set up the Present view?
** ** * Equipment you’ll need (0:08) * Important things to remember (0... more
How do I set up Slido with my presentation using the Switcher?
Works with all our plans including the Basic version Switcher for Mac or Window... more
How do I use Slido for my remote meetings?
To include your remote teams and make them part of your meetings, you can use Sl... more
How do I set up the Switcher in the breakout rooms?
Many midsize and large events have a robust AV setup in the plenary room. But on... more
How do I administrate Slido using my phone?
If you don't want to be glued to your computer while using Slido at your event, ... more
What do I need to know about the internet connection?
**** **Internet infrastructure** In order to use Slido at your event, a ... more
What questions do I ask the venue about Wi-Fi?
✅ How much bandwidth is available to our group? ✅ Is there a dedicated technici... more
Advanced internet connection tips for your event
**** **Internet infrastructure** In order to run Slido during your event... more
How do I set up Slido with my presentation using only a Windows computer?
**Equipment setup** * Your Windows computer * A projector connected to t... more
How do I set up Slido with my presentation on a Mac?
**Technical setup** * Mac connected to the projector * Secondary device ... more
How to send us a report with inspect element details
Sometimes, a problem can be hidden deeper than we can see from Slido behavior. Y... more
How to enable cookies for your browser
Cookies are small files stored on your device which are essential for running Sl... more