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How do I purchase additional users for my account?

Your annual license allows you to purchase and add additional users to your account.

Purchase new users

  1. Log in and go to Admin view
  2. Click Account settings
  3. Select User management


Only Corporate, Enterprise, Department and Institution plans offer User Management feature.


Invite new users

Now, after you've purchased new users for your account, you can invite them to start working on their own events. You have full control over access rights as a license owner.

  1. Go to User Management
  2. Click Add new user and type in the email address
  3. Select the role
  4. Press Invite

Don't worry, you can change the role of the invited user or revoke the invite anytime


How does it work for the new users?

Invited users will receive an automated message to their inbox containing a link to confirm the invitation.

  1. Go to inbox
  2. Open the email
  3. Click Join organization button
  4. Create own account
New users can now create their own events within the same organization