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What is Questions feature?

Questions feature allows the participants to submit their questions and upvote the ones they like. It enables the event organizers or event planners to crowd-source the most popular topics from the audience and simply collect the questions.

Watch this short video or continue reading to learn more.


How to enable Questions?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Features
  3. Toggle on Questions

Note: Questions feature is always enabled by default.


How does it work for the attendees?

  1. Type Slido.com in the browser
  2. Enter the event code
  3. Ask a question


Present view

Submitted questions will appear live on the projection wall in the Present view where the audience can see them.



Attendees can upvote the questions they prefer by clicking on a thumbs-up icon that appears next to each question. Questions will be sorted in the app based on the popularity, therefore, most voted questions will appear on the top.

Note: You can change the sorting by selecting the Recent tab.

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