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How does the Questions feature work?

Using the Questions feature, attendees can use their smartphones to send their questions to Slido and easily upvote the best ones. It's a simple way to crowdsrouce the most popular topics at meetings or events and see what resonates with an audience the most.

Watch this how-to video or skip it to read more below.


How to join and start sending questions

  1. Open the browser and type Slido.com
  2. Enter the event code
  3. You're in! You can start posting questions

Attendees can send questions anonymously or type in their names

How to upvote them

Attendees can then upvote the questions by clicking the like button that appears next to each question. Questions are sorted by their popularity, so the most popular ones appear on top.


Questions on the Present view

Submitted and approved questions will appear live on screen in the Present view where everyone can see them, including the speaker or moderator.

Again, the most popular questions appear on top. You change it here.


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