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What is Questions feature?
Questions feature allows the participants to submit their questions and upvote t... more
How do I enable moderation of questions?
Moderation feature allows you to review and approve the questions before they ap... more
What is the difference between incoming and live questions?
Incoming questions New questions are displayed on the left side of the Admin vie... more
How do I moderate incoming questions?
Questions that arrive for your approval are called incoming questions. They appe... more
How do I moderate live questions?
Questions that are displayed live for the audience in the Present view are calle... more
How do I export the questions?
Questions submitted via Slido can be exported into an Excel Spreadsheet file. Y... more
What are archived questions?
Answered or obsolete questions can be hidden from the Present view. Archived que... more
What are pinned questions?
Pinning helps you manage questions more effectively. You can pin questions and g... more
How do I display questions in the Present view?
Questions can be displayed on the projection wall or in the Present view very ea... more
How do I display more questions in the Present view?
You can increase the number of displayed questions in the Present view. This wil... more
How do I change the maximum length of questions?
In settings, you can define the maximum character length of questions posted by ... more
How do I sort the questions?
For administrators in Admin view You can change the order of the questions that ... more
How do I enable downvotes?
Attendees can downvote questions of other participants to express their preferen... more
How do I disable anonymous questions?
In Slido, attendee questions are by default anonymous. If you want to disable th... more