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Audience Questions

How do I moderate audience questions?
Slido allows you to manage participant questions directly from your Admin on you... more
What is the difference between incoming and live questions?
Incoming questions New questions are displayed on the left side of the Admin v... more
What are archived questions?
Answered or obsolete questions can be hidden from the Present view. Archived que... more
What are starred questions?
Stars help you manage questions more effectively. You can star questions and gro... more
How do I delete testing questions?
You can delete the test questions from your event once you finish the testing. T... more
How do I change the maximum length of questions?
This feature is available for our Private plan or higher In settings, you can d... more
How do I sort the questions?
As a Slido administrator ⭐️ In Present view To change how the questions ar... more
How do I enable downvotes?
Attendees can downvote questions of other participants to express their preferen... more
How do I hide the latest question?
💡 Latest question is displayed on the Present view by default The latest questi... more
How do I display audience questions when a poll is activated?
Activating a poll question automatically displays the results on the Present vie... more
How do I disable anonymous questions?
💡This feature is available for our Private plan and higher In Slido, attendee q... more
How do I enable participant replies?
💡Available for our Pro, Corporate and Department plans or higher You can allow ... more
How do I reply to submitted questions?
💡 Available for all our plans including the free Basic plan As an Admin, you ca... more
How do I edit questions?
It's common that people mistype words when sending questions through their smart... more
Collect questions before your meeting or event
Sharing a Slido event before it actually takes place can help you crowdsource th... more