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How do I moderate audience questions?

Slido allows you to manage participant questions directly from your Admin on your computer or a device. Make sure you turn on the moderation feature to be able to do so.

Moderation is available from our Private plan or higher
  • If moderation enabled, you can review the questions in the incoming section
  • All approved questions will be displayed in the live section


Activate Moderation

You can activate moderation in 2 simple steps, in admin view:

  1. Go to Questions
  2. Toggle on Moderation


Approve or dismiss incoming questions

First, go to your Admin view to review the questions submitted by the participants.

  1. Go to Questions
  2. Click the green check button to approve the question
  3. Click the red cross button to dismiss the question

⭐️ Protip: We recommend approving questions as they come in to make sure the participants can upvote them right from the start.


Highlight questions

Once the question is approved, it will be displayed live on screen. You can use the highlight feature to make it obvious for the audience which question is being answered. 

⭐️ Learn how to activate a full-screen question highlight here


Archive answered questions

Once the question has been answered, you can easily hide it by clicking the archive button to make room for the next question.

All questions are stored in the event archive and accessible through your Analytics.


💡Quick Tips

Address approved or unapproved questions by sending a comment through your Admin.

Archive all unanswered questions at once after each session or presentation to start your next Q&A afresh.

It's common people mistype words when sending questions through their smartphones. Fix them by hovering over the question, click the options icon and select edit.

Mark the question you want to ask regardless of its number of upvotes by using the star feature. In both incoming and live sections, hover over the question and click the star icon. It's starred when it's like this ⭐️.