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Use Ideas at your meetings and events

Ideas allow you to collect ideas from your colleagues or clients in meetings or brainstorming sessions.

Participants can upvote the ideas submitted by others and the most voted ones get to the top. This allows you to prioritize and capture those that resonate with your audience the most.

How to use Ideas as a participant

Turn on Ideas in settings

Go to your settings in Admin, click Features and enable Ideas. You can set additional options in the menu based on what you need.

💡Once the Ideas feature is active, a new tab will be added in your Admin

💡Pro tip: How to use Ideas at your meetings and events

⭐️ Crowdsource your meeting agenda
To keep your meetings effective, you can crowdsource your agenda before the meeting starts. It allows you to focus on the key areas and on what your team currently needs.

⭐️ Brainstorm new ideas at your workshop
When solving a case study at your company training or workshop, you can brainstorm their ideas in order to find a solution for the presented problem. It helps you involve the whole group and collect more ideas in a short period of time.

⭐️ Collect team’s challenges
At your team meeting, you can collect the most burning issues or roadblocks your team is currently facing. Once you’ve captured all issues in one place, you can start working on solutions with your colleagues and keep track of the progress.

⭐️ Gather team’s highlights or learnings
To celebrate your team’s successes, you can crowdsource the highlights or learnings at your team meetings and display them live on screen. It allows you to go through the most important events of the month or week.


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