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Advanced internet connection tips for your event

Internet infrastructure

In order to run Slido during your event, a stable internet connection is required.

  1. We recommend a speed of 5 to 10 mbits/s per 100 participants for smooth and fast experience.
  2. A participant uses approximately 5 MB of data/day; 2.5 MB for the web-app and the rest for the questions and voting.
  3. At large venues, it's a good practice to set up multiple access points to make sure people are connected at all times.

We've also put together a couple of questions about Wi-Fi that you can ask the venue to get additional information about the infrastructure.


Connecting up Slido devices & backups

The Wi-Fi connection at the venue is sufficient for most cases. These are a few more PRO tips for a backup.

  1. We always recommend a LAN cable plugged into the presenter laptop.
  2. In case the venue provides only Wi-Fi connection, ask for a dedicated network for all Slido devices.
  3. Lastly, carry a smartphone with an active 3G or LTE data plan to quickly set up a Wi-Fi hotspot as a backup.


Testing before showtime

We recommend three simple checks before the show starts.

  1. Send a few questions and votes to Slido to test if the experience is fast and everything runs smoothly.
  2. Optionally use a speedtest website to verify the connection speed and check the 3G or LTE coverage.
  3. Continuously check if all Slido devices are connected to the internet.

To learn more about the quality of your connection, run checkme.sli.do link on site and share it with our Support Team for further advice at support@slido.com