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Changes in Admin: Improvements and design tweaks

We’re introducing smaller improvements and design tweaks to Slido Admin to simplify the interface and to help you work more efficiently. Here’s the summary of the exciting changes.

We can’t wait for you to experience all the new stuff!


New button to launch Present mode

You are now able to display your audience questions and poll results by using the green button in the top right corner. You can either go fullscreen right away or you can open Present mode in a new tab.

This way you can easily copy the link and send it to your colleagues or AV technicians.


New button to open Participant mode

Participant mode is now attached to the left side of your screen as a widget. It's visible across all your views so you can send a testing question or preview what the participants see from anywhere. You don't need another device to keep an eye on things now.

🚀 If you can find a better spot for it on your screen, just drag it. It is that easy!


Three dots for additional options

Activating Participant mode also offers a couple of helpful shortcuts to use in case you want to copy your event link or grab your embed code. Simply click on the three dots next to the phone and select one of the options.

Settings icon

Finally, you are now able to find your event settings in the top right corner right below the Present mode button. We’ve been hearing from you that it was not so easy to find and access so we decided to put it in a better spot.