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Use Slido with Zoom Webinars beta

To help you run your remote webinars and classes via Zoom seamlessly, we've been working on the integration with Zoom Webinars. You can join the waiting list and schedule a demo call to see it in action until it's released.

With Zoom webinars integration, you'll be able to get instant feedback from your participants who don’t need to switch between tabs or devices anymore and they can easily join your meeting via a browser! 

💡You can request a Zoom Webinars integration demo call from your Settings by clicking the button and filling out the form. 


Request a demo call

To request a demo for Zoom Webinars integration, please make sure you have your Slido event created. Then, follow these simple steps:  

  1. Open your event Settings
  2. Go to Integrations
  3. Scroll down to Zoom Webinars Beta and click Request demo
  4. Fill out the form that opens in a new tab

⭐ We're gradually scheduling onboarding calls, thank you for your patience!

Didn't have a call yet? Try out our Google Slides or PowerPoint integration (only available for teachers) in the meantime.


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