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Use your event with a QR code

You can take the direct link to your event and put it into an external tool if you'd like to share a QR code with your participants.

To get the event link: 

  1. In your event, go to Settings
  2. Copy the event link

Then, all you need to do is google "QR code creator" or "QR code generator", choose any tool, and create your QR code by pasting the event link. You might want to check the maximum storage period of your QR code in Terms of Conditions of your selected tool.

🚀 Quick tip: Get the QR code for a specific poll or survey

Instead of the permanent link to the whole event, you can also share a specific poll or survey via a QR code. Click the three vertical dots next to your poll, select Edit - Share - copy the link and put it into your QR code generator. 


💬 Want to show QR code in Present view? You`re just an email away!
We're currently experimenting with a QR code being displayed on the intro screen or during Q&A or live Poll. Send us an email to support@slido.com if you˙d like to test it out.


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