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Use your event with a QR code

If you wish for your participants to join the event using a QR code, you can turn this feature on in Slido Labs under Settings. The QR code will then be displayed in your Present mode.

To have a unique QR code for your event, simply:

  1. In your event, go to Settings
  2. Open Slido Labs
  3. Toggle on Join event via QR code

 All events held in Asia have this feature turned on by default. If you don't need a QR code, just toggle it off.

The QR code displays in Present mode only. If you need to download or print out the QR code, simply take a screenshot of it.

💡 If you're displaying a logo at your event, the QR code will only be shown on the welcome screen

🚀 Quick tip: Get the QR code for a specific poll or survey

If you need to share a specific poll or survey via a QR code, you need to use a 3rd party QR code generator. Click the three vertical dots next to your poll, select Edit - Share - Copy the link and put it into your QR code generator. 


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