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How do I set up the Slack integration?

This feature is available for all our plans including the Basic package

The Slack integration allows your team to send questions to Slido directly from Slack.

It works particularly well for companies who rely on Slack as their main communication tool. As many team members already spend most of their time using it, they don't need to leave the app to ask a question before or during one of your company meetings.


Get started and add @slidobot to your Slack team

  1. This link will take you to the Slack integration page
  2. Click Add to Slack
  3. Magic! @slidobot is now installed and your team can ask questions from Slack


Three easy steps for your team to join in and start asking questions

  1. Open @slidobot in your Slack app
  2. Type in the Slido event code, e.g. #A123 to join the event
  3. Start sending questions by talking to @slidobot

Participants can decide if the question should be sent with their name or anonymously

Quick tips

  • Type in 'help' to get a list of commands that @slidobot uses
  • To see what questions others have posted, type in '?' 
  • To join a different Slido event, type in 'leave' and enter a new event code


Are you a meeting organizer? Manage incoming questions directly from Slack

✅ Set up a private channel and invite @slidobot

Invite @slidobot to a private channel to see and manage all incoming questions from your team in one place. The channel will be visible only to you and other people you invite to manage questions with you.


✅ Follow the steps to connect your event

@slidobot will post a link to connect the private channel to one of your events. Simply follow the steps to complete the connection. It's quick and easy!

You need to be an Owner or an Admin of the event to connect it to your Slack channel


✅ Enable moderation in your Slido Admin settings

To make sure you can review questions before they go live and become visible to your team, enable moderation in Settings. Simply log in to your account and turn it on.


✅ Approve or dismiss incoming questions

Once the questions start flowing into your private channel, you can easily approve or dismiss them just by clicking the respective button.

⭐ Protip: If you'd like to involve your colleagues who manage questions with you, you can tag them in the channel by using their slack handle and easily ask for their advice.

Once you approve the question, you can highlight it and then archive it when it's answered


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install @slidobot to our Slack Team every time I want to use the integration?

  • It's a one time installation! You'll be always able to find it in the list of your apps or by using the shortcut Cmd (Ctrl) + K.

Can anyone install @slidobot?

  • The person installing new apps into your Slack Team should be the Team Admin. Otherwise, Slack won't let you add any new apps.

Does my channel have to be private?

  • It is going to work with any channel but remember Public ones are accessible by anyone within the team. You can always invite specific members to help with the questions while your channel remains private.

What if I connected a wrong event to my channel?

  • That's an easy one! Simply type in 'connect' in your private channel and @slidobot will post a link with the list of events. Simply select the one you wanted in the first place.

It says I don't have the rights to manage Slido in Slack. What should I do?

  • For annual licenses, we wanted to make sure only accounts with Admin or Owner rights can connect events to private channels. Contact your Slido license owner within your company and let them know you'd like to manage Slido questions in Slack.

When sending questions, does Slack automatically include my name?

  • This one's completely up to you! @slidobot will ask you whether you'd like to use your name or post the question anonymously.

We're using a Single Sign On feature. Is it going to work with Slack?

  • Single Sign On is not compatible with the Slack integration at the moment.