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How do I set up the Slack integration?

This feature is available for all our plans including the Basic package

The Slack integration allows you to create instant events in Slack and manage all incoming Slido questions directly from a private channel.

Get started

Step 1 - Add Slido app to your Slack team

  1. Go to Slack integration
  2. Click Add to Slack
  3. Magic! Slido app is now installed in your workspace


Step 2 - Connect your Slido account

  1. Go to any channel or a direct message in Slack
  2. Type in /slido
  3. Follow the steps to connect your accounts


Step 3 - Create or share your event

Now, in a direct message or in a channel, you can type /slido to easily create an instant event that your colleagues can use to ask questions.


You can also share your existing events by typing in /slido share and simply picking one from the list.

How to manage questions from Slack

Step 1 - Set up a private channel and invite @slido

Once you've created your private channel, invite @slido app to join.

@slido will help you connect your accounts, if you haven't already at this point


Step 2 - Select your event

Type in /slido manage if you've just connected your accounts. To start receiving incoming questions, select your event from the drop down menu.


Step 3 - Enable moderation in your Slido Admin settings

To make sure you can review questions before they go live, enable moderation in Settings. Simply log in to your account and turn it on.


Step 4 - Approve or dismiss incoming questions

Once the questions start flowing into your private channel, you can easily approve or dismiss them.

⭐ Protip: You can invite others to this channel to help you manage the incoming questions. Simply tag them


List of commands

⭐️ /slido - create a new instant event

⭐️ /slido create my event - create an event with a name "my event"

⭐️ /slido share - share an existing event from a drop down menu in a direct message or a channel

⭐️ /slido share #U123 - share an existing event by typing in a specific event code

⭐️ /slido manage - select your event to manage incoming questions in a private channel

⭐️ /slido help - display instructions on how to use @slido app