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How do I set up the Slack integration?

Using the Slack integration allows you to moderate all incoming questions via Slack and at the same time, engage your team by allowing them to submit questions to Slido via @slidobot.


You can connect your account in Slido organization settings.

  1. Log in to your Slido account
  2. Click Organization settings and select Integrations
  3. Click Connect to add @slidobot to your Slack Team


Once @slidobot appears as a new member within your Slack Team, you can use it to manage incoming questions or allow your team to submit their questions.


To submit questions

If you want to allow your team to use Slack to send questions to Slido, choose the event you'd like to integrate, go to the event settings and select submit questions in Slack.

They can send questions to Slido by messaging @slidobot in Slack. It will help them choose the correct event.

  • Users can type 'help' to get assistance during the meeting and learn how to send questions
  • Or they can type 'events' to get a list of all active meeting created in Slido


To moderate questions

If you want to manage all incoming questions in Slack, create a dedicated private channel and invite @slidobot to join.


Once you set it up, go to the event settings, select manage questions in Slack and pick the channel. Once done, remember to turn on the moderation of questions in Slido.


Approve or Reject

Once the manage feature is activated, you can approve or reject questions from Slack. They will appear in your private channel as your team start sending in the questions.

Highlight and Archive

Approved questions will be displayed live on the Present screen. You can highlight or archive them from Slack. Any changes will be automatically reflected in real-time.