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How do I customize my event?

As humans, we like to do things our way and we understand that. Therefore, Slido offers a few ways you can tweak your event:

💡 Logos and partners can be added from Pro, Corporate and Department events and higher. 
Custom background colors and images are available for Premium and Enterprise events only.


#️⃣ Customize your event code

Your participants will join the Slido event by entering the event code. You can change it to something short, simple and easy to remember. Here’s some inspiration for you:

  • Abbreviate your event name (#MT18)
  • Use your Twitter hashtag (#marketingtrends)
  • Select the name of your team meeting (#JulyAllHands)

To do so:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Type in your new event code and hit save

💡 The event code will update on Present mode automatically.
Follow the link to get more tips about event code.  


🌈 Choose your Present mode background theme  

Visuals are powerful. Choose a color theme of the Present mode that will match your content and audience. You can pick from a range of backgrounds, including solid and gradient colors, city panorama, natural patterns, and holiday motives in our gallery:

  1. Click Settings and select Customization
  2. Go to Present view
  3. Select a theme in Gallery
  4. Click Present mode to see how it looks like

💡Hover on the image to get a preview. 

🚀 Quick tip: Add custom colours and background image

You can add custom colours and upload your own background with Premium package and Enterprise license in Custom Beta section. 


Whether you’re running a team meeting, town hall or a big conference, you can brand your event with a logo. To give exposure to your sponsors or partners, you can also upload theirs.

💡 This feature is available for our Pro, Corporate and Department events and higher. 

Here’s where you'll find it: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Customization
  3. Expand Branding and upload your images

🚀 When you upload multiple sponsor logos, they will alternate in a loop. To have them all next to each other, you can create and upload a banner with a white background and all the logos on it.

If you wish to do that, the best dimensions are:

  • For 4:3 banner with resolution of 922 : 178 px / size should be 5.15 (W) to 1 (H)
  • For 16:9 banner with resolution of 1382 : 178 px / size should be 7.75 (W) to 1 (H)

Here's an example of partner banner in 16:9 fullscreen: 


👋 Set up a welcome screen

Welcome screen appears after your participants enter the event code.

To set it up:

  1. Go to Settings - Customization - Participant view
  2. Toggle in Welcome screen. 

This is how it appears in Participant mode:


Frequently Asked Questions about customization: 

  • Do the color changes reflect in Participant mode? 
    At the moment, it's possible to change only the Present mode background and colors. 
  • Can we add a custom message to the Welcome screen?
    There's no such option yet, but please do contact us at support@slido.com to tell us more about how'd you like to use it. It would help us with further consideration. 


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