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Add logos to your event

Uploading your own logo or sponsor logos allows you to customize the look of your event and match it with your branding.

Available for our Pro, Premium, Corporate, Enterprise, Department and Institution plans

To add event and sponsor logos: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Customization
  3. Upload your picture in Branding 

💡You can choose to hide or display the white background behind your logo. This works only for transparent pictures.


This is how you can preview how it looks like for your participants and in Present mode



This is how the event logo looks like in Present mode: 

🚀 For your event logos, we recommend using an aspect ratio of 1.15 : 1. 
A great example would be an image 250 px wide and 217 px high.


How the sponsor logo looks like on Present mode:

🚀 Quick tip: Creating a banner with logos

By creating a banner, you can place multiple logos in a single picture tand upload it in settings. These are the recommended aspect ratio & size.

  • For 4:3 banner with resolution of 922 : 178 px / size should be 5.15 (W) to 1 (H)
  • For 16:9 banner with resolution of 1382 : 178 px / size should be 7.75 (W) to 1 (H)


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