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What is Analytics?

Available in all our plans including the Basic package

Slido AnalyticsBETA provides an easy way to view and analyze the data you collect throughout your event. You can easily tap into useful insights about your event, see which questions were the most popular as well as rank the most passionate and influential delegates.

Feature list

  • Easily track the number of active users and the engagement score
  • Learn about the anonymous rate of all submitted questions
  • See the total number of poll votes
  • Get the wordcloud of the most popular topics discussed at the event
  • Rank the most influential users who received the highest number of upvotes
  • Filter your data by room
  • Export results into PDF or Excel Spreadsheet files


Access your own Analytics page

  1. Login to your Slido Account
  2. Select your event
  3. Click Analytics  in the Admin view


Work with your event data

You can scroll through the main page to view the most important statistics of the entire event or filter the data by selecting only one of the rooms. The data is accessible during the event as it's automatically updated to always provide fresh insights.

You can access your data even after your event finished. Simply go to your past events and click the Analytics tab


⭐ Protip: Track engagement score

Tracking the engagement score across your events helps you understand how active and engaged the participants were at your event. Combined with the most popular topics generated in a wordcloud, you can learn what resonates with your audience the most and improve the experience.

  • Active users - number of users who engaged with a question, upvote or poll vote in your event
  • Engagement score - sum of all interactions (question = 1 point, upvote or poll vote = 0.25 point)
  • Engagement per user - engagement score divided by the number of active users


Export your results

You can export your event data into Excel Spreadsheets or into a PDF document.

  1. Go to AnalyticsBETA in the Admin view
  2. Click Export
  3. Select XLS or PDF


Event summary report

Export your event summary report to have your event data published in a single PDF document. You can easily share it with your stakeholders or clients.


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