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How do I upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade to benefit from the features of our paid plans at any time. It happens immediately so there's no wait. We'll send you the invoice via email right away and you'll also find it in your account.

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Upgrade your plan

  1.  Log in to your account
  2.  Find your event and go in
  3.  Click the Upgrade badge

💬 If you'd like to change your plan, send us an email at support@slido.com


Frequently Asked Questions

• My one-time event starts in a few weeks. Can I upgrade now to set up and test everything?
Absolutely! You can upgrade any time and prepare your event so you can test the functionality prior to the actual event.

• What if I haven't get my invoice via email?
If you haven't received your invoice within 5 minutes after the upgrade, it might have been blocked by the spam filter or company network restrictions. If that's the case, you can still go to Organization settings of your account and download it from there. Please note it can take up to 15 minutes for your invoice to appear under Organization settings. 


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