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What is an event code?

An event code (#) is a randomly generated group of letters or numbers, a phrase or a combination of both.

Personalize your event code

You can change the event code right away in the event settings as your participants will use it to join Slido during your event.

⭐️Quick Tip: For easy access of Slido event, we recommend choosing a short but catchy event code that participants will remember.

You can use:

  • abbreviation of your event (#FOM18)
  • your Twitter hashtag (#HRconference) 
  • a name of the team meeting (#retrospective)

How does it work for attendees?

  1. Type Slido.com in the browser
  2. Enter the event code
  3. Ask a question


⭐️Pro Tip: To crowdsource questions in advance, send a direct link to your Slido event before your event or meeting takes place.

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