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SlidesDrive - Intelligent Switcher for Events

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SlidesDrive for EDU
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Setting up Prezi integration with SlidesDrive
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Technical requirements for SlidesDrive application
* Windows Vista or newer * .NET Framework 4.5 installed (for Windows 8 and... more
What type of files are supported?
  • PowerPoint presentations (version 2000 and newer)

  • PDF

  • video files (.avi .flv .mpeg .mp4)

  • Prezi (online)

  • YouTube videos

  • Vimeo videos

*If the file you would like to upload is not supported, you can still run it outside the application. However the file will be not streamed live to the audience devices.
What is the best setup to start using desktop application?
If you would like to use SlidesDrive desktop application to share your presentat... more