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How do I set the same settings for all events?

Do you prefer moderating the questions, having your company logo uploaded or securing your event with SSO authentification at all of your meetings? Use the Organization settings to set up new events more effectively. They also allow you to change a name of your organization.

Access the Organization settings

  1. Log in to your Slido account
  2. If you are a part of multiple Slido organizations, select the one you want to manage
  3. In the top right menu, choose "Organization settings"


Set up default features, privacy controls or branding

Wondering what options can you control in the Organization settings?
Here is the full list:

  • General
    • Change your organization name
  • Features
    • Enable moderation
    • Enable downvotes
    • Enable replies
    • Disable anonymous questions
  • Privacy 
    • Set your events as hidden
    • Secure them with a default passcode
    • Set SSO authentification to control who can access the meetings. More about SSO here.
  • Present view
    • Language of your events (applies to the Participant view as well)
    • Theme
    • Logo
    • Number of displayed questions


You can change the settings for specific events anytime in the admin view. 

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