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How do I display Slido on the main screen?

Present view allows you to display audience questions, ideas, and poll results on a big screen either using a projector or a secondary screen.

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Present from your computer

You'll need a computer connected to the projector and good internet. Once it's all set up: 

  1. Log in to your account and select your event
  2. Click Present view in the top right corner
  3. Click Present in fullscreen 

You can now hover on questions and highlight or archive them directly from this view.

⭐️ Or log in on your smartphone to launch polls and highlight questions from there.


You can copy the Present view link and share it with your colleagues or AV technicians so they can display it on a different screen.

  1. Click the Present on another screen option
  2. Copy the URL and share it with your team

⭐️ Quick tips: 

  • Present view dynamically adjusts to your screen resolution or ratio. 
  • Full-screen shortcut for Mac: Command + Shift + F, for Windows: F11.


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