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Team Management

Team management feature
Slido allows you to add users to your annual plan for an additional fee so they ... more
How do I purchase additional users for my team account?
This feature is available in: ✓ Corporate plan Enterprise plan (EDU) Department ... more
How do I invite new users to my team account?
Invite your colleagues After you've purchased new slots for your team account,... more
How do I share access to my event?
💡Available in Pro, Premium, Corporate, Enterprise, Department, and Institution p... more
How do I update user accesses?
You can set the team roles and permissions when inviting new colleagues to join ... more
How do I change the license owner?
People in companies come and go and the roles can often change. If you've just b... more
How do I renew my annual plan?
If you've received an email to renew your annual plan, you can easily do so dire... more
How do I switch between two different organizations?
With your Slido account, your email address can be associated with different org... more
How do I change the name of my organization?
- Open Profile settings - Go to Organization settings - Change the name and ... more