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My annual licence

What is user management?
Available for our paid Corporate, Enterprise, Department and Institution annual ... more
How do I switch between my accounts?
Each Slido license works as a separated organization where owners can invite the... more
How do I purchase additional users for my licence?
Your annual license allows you to purchase and add additional Slido users to you... more
How do I invite new users to my licence?
**Invite new users** After you've purchased new users for your account, you ca... more
How do I update users under my licence?
Once you've invited new users to your Slido licence, you can change the user typ... more
How do I renew my annual licence?
**Follow these steps to renew your licence:** * Log in to your Slido acco... more
How do I change the owner of my licence?
In some situations, an owner of the licence may wish to transfer the ownership t... more