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Activate multiple polls at the same time

Sometimes, it's great to activate more polls at the same time. There are three ways how to do it - you can either group your polls into a survey, share them as external links or you can use using multiple rooms.

Both Survey and Multiple rooms features are available for our Pro and Corporate plans or higher

In this article:

Group more polls using a survey

Creating a survey allows you to combine multiple polls and activate them all at once.

  1. Go to Polls
  2. Click Create poll and select Survey
  3. Fill in the details

Your participants will see all the questions of the survey on their devices. You'll be able to display in Present mode only one question at a time by clicking the arrow button.

This is how it works for your participants:

External links

This solution works for activating both multiple polls and surveys at the same time. Using our External links feature, you can simply have polls and surveys accessible from Participant mode at any time.

  1. Copy the links of your created polls or surveys
  2. Open Event settings
  3. Paste the links under External links (Customization -> Participant mode)


This is how it works for your participants:


Create polls for each of your room using Multiple rooms

To display more questions at the same time, you can create a separate room for each poll.

  1. Go to Settings and create separate rooms
  2. Create a poll in each room and activate it
  3. Have people submit their votes and then deactivate the poll in each room.
🚀This works the same for Surveys in Multiple rooms

How does it work for the participants?

They simply have to select the first room and send their vote. Once done, they choose a different room and continue until they've voted for all the options.

🚀Gather feedback throughout the whole event by creating a special room to use exclusively for a feedback survey

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