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What is Account Analytics?

Available with all our plans

Slido Account Analytics gives you an overview of the data you collect from all your events. You can view the insightful statistics about the average event engagement, see which topics are most popular and which events were most active.


Access your Account Analytics dashboard

  1. Log in to your Slido Account
  2. Choose the Analytics tab

View your stats 

First, select your dates to filter your data by the time period. Then, scroll through and display different stats: 

  • Get the word cloud of the most popular questions and topics discussed at the events.
  • Easily track the number of active events, number of created events and the engagement score (sum of all interactions).
  • Compare interaction at your most active events.
  • See the total number of poll votes.


Export your results

Available with all our paid plans

Export your questions and polls summary reports for further analysis. Click the green button to export your data into Excel Spreadsheets. You can easily share it with your stakeholders or clients.


🚀 Pro tip: Track engagement score

Track your engagement so you can compare the data and your level of interaction across different events. Combined with the most popular topics translated into a word cloud, you can learn what resonates with your audience the most and get useful insights for future events.

🚀Engagement score represents a sum of all interactions

Interested in what's hidden behind the figure? This is how you calculate it: 

Question = 1 point
Upvote or Poll vote = 0.25 point

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