Use Slido with Google Slides

You can bring live polls and questions directly to your Google Slides presentation using the Slido for Google Slides add-on, currently available in beta. SSO is supported.

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Install Slido for Google Slides add-on

You can find and install the add-on in the G Suite Marketplace following this direct link. Click on the 'Install' button and complete the setup. Then sign in with your existing Slido account or simply sign up for a new one from the sidebar.

Install our Slido Chrome extension

This free extension allows for seamless integration without the need to switch between Google Slides and Slido, while ensuring that videos, animated transitions, and GIFs work as they should when you present.

💡 You can still use the add-on even without the extension or when using a different browser than Chrome. Just be aware of the limitations connected with that.


Add live polls and Q&A to your presentation

You can add live polls and Q&A directly from the sidebar, without the need to leave Google Slides. Click on 'Add-ons' in the Google Slides toolbar and select 'Slido for Google Slides'. Then click on 'Open the sidebar'.

To add a new interaction choose either 'Create a live poll' or 'Display Q&A' from the sidebar.

⭐ A simple holding slide will be created as part of your presentation once you add a new interaction. Please note that this holding slide will be replaced by the live interaction only once you click on 'Present with Slido'.

Start presenting

When you are ready to present, remember to click on the green 'Present with Slido' button in the sidebar to enable all the live interactions.

⭐ If you're using Multiple rooms within your event, there can be only one room linked to your presentation

Your polls will be automatically activated once you get to the right slide and your audience will be able to vote in real-time. You can choose how to display your poll results:

  • Show immediately: The poll results are displayed as soon as you get to your slide with the poll.
  • Show on click: The poll itself is displayed automatically when you get to your slide with the poll. Advancing one more click will display the poll results (see the GIF below).
  • Do not show: The poll itself is displayed automatically when you get to your slide with the poll. Advancing one more click will take you to the next slide in your presentation without showing the poll results.

Ask your audience to join

Ask your audience to join using the instructions on the intro slide. Once they visit and enter the presentation code, they will be able to vote in the polls and participate in the Q&A.

Joining a Slido event video tutorial

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