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How do I create a poll?

Creating a new poll with Slido is very easy. You can do it in less than 30 seconds.

  1. Go to Polls
  2. Click Create a poll
  3. Select the poll type
  4. Type in the options and save
Do you prefer video tutorials? Watch one and learn how to manage Polls with Slido


Multiple choice

Poll the audience with the multiple choice type to learn more about their preferences and opinions.

Check "Allow attendees to select multiple options" to enable the users to pick more than one option.


Open text

Use open text poll to have attendees type in words or phrases and submit their ideas.

Wordcloud will turn responses into a cloud of words which size will depend on how frequently they were used by the participants



Create a rating poll and allow attendees to send feedback on your presentation or rate their experience.


Rearrange polls

Drag and drop the polls to rearrange their order and organize your agenda.


Edit polls

Click the options icon and select Edit to change the poll type or modify your options.