SlidesDrive for EDU


We’re excited that you’d like to use Slido in your classroom. 

Everyone knows that students learn best when they are genuinely interested in a subject. We believe that Slido can help you make your class more interactive by: 

●    Engaging your students with live polls and interactive Q&A
●    Checking the understanding of your students through live polling
●    Creating a genuine conversation by allowing every student to ask questions without fear

This short article will show you how to: 

Use Slido on Windows ( + extended screen setup)
Use Slido on Mac
Upgrade to EDU account


1. Using Slido on Windows

If you are using a Windows computer, the easiest way to use Slido in your classroom is with the Slido Windows desktop app.

You can get the app here.


1.Once you open the app, log in with your Slido account details and select your event:

2.As soon as you log in, you can insert your first files: 

3.You can easily start the slideshow by clicking the play icon

To organize the files and polls in the Present tab, simply drag and drop the items. To switch between the files and polls, simply click the “play” button and the file will be seamlessly launched. 

4.In the live view on the right side, you can monitor what is being currently shown live on the presentation screen. 


Questions tab

In the Questions tab, you can filter the incoming questions so only the relevant or appropriate ones appear on the presentation screen. 

To display questions on the presentation screen, simply click the green button Show questions in the top right corner.

To learn more about how to manage questions, watch our brief video



Make sure that your display is set as extended. 

Use the shortcut: Windows button + P and select “Extend”


Go to Control Panel -> Display -> Screen Resolution and select Extend these displays. 



2. Using Slido on Mac

We’ll be releasing the app for Mac soon.

In the meantime, you can use Slido without the desktop app. Here is how. 

Setting up the Presentation view

To set up the Slido Present mode, 
Go to
Enter your event code
Click Present mode

To switch between your presentation and the Slido Presentation view, simply use the shortcut cmd+tab. 

Managing Slido

To activate polls and moderate incoming questions, we recommend using a secondary device such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone.

Log into your Slido account on your secondary device, choose your Slido event and manage questions and activate polls.



3. Upgrading to EDU account

You can use Slido Basic package for free.
But if you would like to use the advanced feature, you can upgrade to EDU package. 

All .edu and email accounts automatically qualify for our EDU account. To upgrade your account, please contact us here. If you have a different school email, please state it in your message.