Secure your event

💡Privacy settings are available for all our paid plans.
SSO authentication can only be set with Enterprise and Institution licenses.

When needed, you can secure your event by adjusting its privacy settings. Basic events are visible in the search results and can be accessed by typing in the event code.

To prevent anyone accessing your event during the time of your event you can choose from the following options in Privacy settings:

To change the Privacy settings of your event, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Expand Privacy settings
  3. Select your option

💡It’s possible to combine multiple privacy settings.

Hide your event from search

You can hide your event code from the search suggestions. Only those participants who have the exact code will be able to access the event during the dates of the Slido event.

Slido event hidden from search - how it works for participants


Secure your event with a passcode

Using the passcode for your event, only the participants who know it can join Slido.

Secured event with a passcode - Participant view

When running a contest, exam or an internal session, you might need to see the names of participants who voted in Polls. By ticking the option "Require name" in Privacy settings, you’ll see this information in Polls per user export

Require name example Participant view

Set up SSO for participants

To protect your data, you can set up privacy settings through single-sign-on authentication for your employees, so only the people from the SSO list can join. This article tells you how.


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