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What is Infographic?

Infographic is an easy-to-share visualization of the data that you collect during your event. It allows you to share the statistics with your broader audience via social media channels or display them on your website.

Data included in the Infographic

  • The number of questions asked and total number of likes
  • An overview of the most popular questions
  • A word cloud of the main topics discussed through Slido
  • New: Your most influential delegates
  • An overview of your polls and responses 

You can see an example of the Infographic here:


Where can you find the Infographic?

  1. Login to your Slido Account
  2. Select your event
  3. Go to Analytics tab and click Infographics in the right corner


What can you do with the Infographic?

  • Customize the theme

You can choose from four color options to customize the theme of your Infographic. You can match it with your branding or simply pick your preferred one.

  • Share it with your audience

Using the permanent link, you can share your event stats with your colleagues or via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

  • Control the privacy

You can keep the data private in which case the Infographic will be accessible only to the Admin users under your account.

  • Embed Infographic

You can embed your Infographic into your web page or a blog post. To do that, simply copy embed code of your Infographic and paste it into HTML code of your website.